Who’s Your Daddy: Fellowship Dinner with the Father

Children sometimes talk about their Dads.  If they had “good Dads” they may exaggerate.  Fishes caught are bigger and deer hunted have more points as the story  is told about Daddy.  They always begin with a loud “My DADDY. . . ” . Sometime children compare and one says “My daddy is (bigger, stronger, smarter. . .) than your daddy”.  But for some children , Daddy might have been someone imagined or someone who never showed up for weekend visits.

Children talk about Daddy  lot when they see much of him  . And children don’t talk about Daddy when he is frightening or not seen..  Children do not talk about things they do not know or see. And they often exaggerate things they know and love.

Hungry Boy at the Table

This Sunday there was  alot of talk about Daddy.  Bunches of folks , none looking much alike, showed up to eat dinner and talk about Daddy.  It was not talk about “your daddy ” or “my daddy” It was about “Our Daddy” (Matthew 6:9).  It was noisy, joyful , chatter of the children of God.  It was delightful.  But, it all started with seeing Him. Seeing Him as Our Father.

As Pastor led every child to look at “our Daddy”, children of all type of earthly fathers either ran or tiptoed toward Daddy, God the Father.  While pastor described a “good Daddy” , God’s heart was unveiled to be seen. He was no longer frightening to the bruised.  And He was more to brag about to the adopted.  Word upon word painted the Presence of the Father.

Children’s names were being called.  Toys were being put down. . .we stepped closer to Him and further from fear.  We saw to whom Jesus prayed “ABBA Father . . all things are possible unto thee. . “Mark 14:36.  It was as the Spirit of His Son entering our hearts  so we too cried “ABBA Father” Galatians 4:6.And yet more. .  We said. . .

‘OUR DADDY IS RICH!” He owns “beast of the forest and the cattle upon a thousand hills.”Psalm 50:10.  And, a scientific “guestimate” of 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (300 sextillion) stars!! From earth to heaven , He owns it all, every galaxy , every creature, every molecule, every atom , and every quark (smallest particle) are His. And with His ownership is His distrubution and command. He speaks and “the wind” obeys (Mark 4:39).

Therefore, we are not anxious about our lives what we will eat or what we will drink or what we will wear. None of creation worries and we are worth so much more to Him than anything in all creation .So, with confidence, the child of God at the front table said to the child in want by his side, “Our Daddys rich, I’ll go with you to ask Him for what you need”

OUR DADDY IS GOOD“His Goodness is great waiting to be laid upon those who fear, revere, and worship Him (Psalm 31:19 amplified). He is the fount of all goodness. There is no goodness of ourselves apart from Him. Our prayers and offerings do not command His goodness.  His goodness consumes us and He takes what we have out of His goodness to make it a greater goodness for His glory.

 His goodness drenches our dry souls’ soil nourishing  forth faith to fruit. With ripened fruits we feel safe to love, to be joyful, to be long-suffering, to be gentle, to grow in faith, to be meek and temperate (Galatians 5) .  All this happens in the lap of Daddy and His goodness.   No doubting or questioning or running can change the goodness of God.  It is fixed.  So with a loud shout from one table to the next , children of God exclaim “He is Good .  All the time!” “Yes All the Time

“OUR DADDY IS BIG” very big  Our Daddy will always be bigger than us. We can never outgrow Him.  We never have to take care of Him. We never need to “put Him away”. He never dies. He is more than the words that describe Him.  More than omniscient, more than omnipresent, more than transcendent, more than eminent. . . so much more.  He is Holy.  And we will never outgrow pondering the “beauty of His Holiness”(Psalm 96:9) So, with tears of surprise the child in the back table cries “Wow, What a Daddy!!”

Children trust a Daddy they can see.  As we look at “Our Father” , we trust Him , Pastor preaches. Because of Christs redemption of our eyes, we now can see God is rich, good and very big. Trusting in Him we lean on His arms, jump in His lap and hold His hand.  Our trust is how we adore Him.  It is how we say: “I LOVE YOU DADDY’


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