Brother Steve and the Mustard Seed

My daddy has many mighty sons. Daddy sometimes calls these boys “mighty men of Valor” (1)

They carry treasures given from Daddy differently than their sisters carry treasures. They also tell about their treasures in a different way . Sisters carry many words and sparkly things to describe presents from Daddy. They put all these great treasures from Daddy in their purses and talk about them in their diaries. Sisters pack purses as if they can never get ENOUGH. But brothers , brothers carry all their treasures from Daddy in their boots or in their pockets. What mighty men of valor carry is always ENOUGH. It might be a little “rough on the edges ” and muddy but it is always Enough

And , unlike their sisters , brothers use mighty sounds rather than words to show off Daddy’s gifts.They grunt and moan, wrestle and stomp, kick and sigh, yelp and holler to tell about all Daddy’s goodness. A lot of these boys are seen In Daddy’s book, You can just about hear Brother Paul grunt and moan when he talks about “not boxing the air” and “running the race” and getting ” beatings imprisonment and sleepless nights.”(2) I think even Brother David’s wife would say he was a hootin and hollering kind of boy. (3)

And boys, like these, hold mighty tight to their treasures. A sister can punch wrestle and even call a boy “ugly” and that brother won’t be shaken. He just won’t let go of a thing from Daddy until he and Daddy have agreement on the matter. He is keeping that treasure deep in his pocket till he agrees with Daddy to show it off.
My brother Steve is a Daddy’s boy. He grunts , he moans , he holds tight to treasures. He’s a steady, solid .stubborn, son of a great King. . . I know this because I saw what he did with a certain treasure from Daddy.

My brother Steve was sick one day. A bunch of folks in white coats ,from outside ,told him that he was sick and they took pictures of the “thing” making him sick. They called it cancer and sent him home. A few days later my brother came to Daddy’s house and asked for prayer.

On that morning, we all gathered real close around Steve putting our hands on his head, on his belly, on his chest, on his shoulder , anywhere Daddy said to touch.(4) Right then , I was thinking that the “thing” might be scared right out of my brother by all our heavy hands. But, instead, it looked as if my brother was scared of us. He put his hand over his chest like he was protecting something and his face went long and serious. I found out later that he wasn’t scared at all: he was just hiding something from us. He had something deep in his shirt pocket. It was really small and even with all our feelin on him no one found it.

Every Sunday,after that, I wondered about my brother and what he might have had in his pocket that day. Even though none of us felt it, we all kinda knew it was Enough for Steve. He always came to church with that look that we get when we are hiding something good . It’s a head tilting, eyebrow raising, closed lip smiling look. It was real obvious one Sunday when brother Chris started telling us about a tiny treasure Daddy gives to each of us.

Brother Chris called it “Faith” and he told us how our Great Brother Jesus described it. He said it is small but it is full of heaven and, if you plant it , it gets so big birds want to make nests in it (5). And,it is so powerful that it can move anything you can think of out of your way.(6) Even mountains. Right when Pastor said this, I saw my brother Steve grin, tilt his head and raise his eyebrow. I knew right then what he was hiding.

Suddenly, I thought. “he got himself a mustard seed!! Well that rascal probably buried it in his back yard without telliin a soul!”


Brother Chris says every kid of the King has mustard seeds and that we have “Enough ” faith in these tiny seeds .(6) Some folks know they have Enough faith and readily plant a seed to watch it grow. But folks, like me, sometimes go and dig holes, ready to plant, but get so distracted by the ugly dirt we forget to put the seed down. When we do that, Brother Chris says, we are looking at the problem (the dirt) and not the provision and promise (the seed and treasure Daddy gives). Brother Chris fusses at me sometimes saying “you got faith. Do something with it sister.” Sometimes,I just stare at it . Sometimes it looks too small to plant. It doesn’t look like Enough to make something big.

Brother Steve’s daughter Christy is not like me. I saw her plant a seed one day at a revival in the dirt of a stranger sitting next to her .It was Enough for her to plant that thing without hesitation into the heart of the girl sitting next to her . immediately, when that girl received the seed, she sprouted up like a big bunch of 9ft tall mustards ready for pickin.(7) And sure enough, The Lord picked her that day and she shouted “Jesus is Lord”!! I tell you, if birds were ready to nest ,they might have nested right there in Christy’s mouth that was wide open with awe as she watched that stranger believe.

Now, I looked for brother Steve for a few Sundays after I knew about his hidden treasure. But Christy said he went driving across country to visit friends. I started thinking how he wasn’t worried about that seed. He must have just planted that thing and thought that was Enough. He left all the watering, fertilizing and weeding to daddy or the Helper. Guess he thought he would come back home and everything would be all grown. He was darn sure of what he hoped for and certain of what he could not see.(8)

When brother Steve finally came through the church door in November, the sun followed him in. it was the hottest November day in Greenville and Bother Steve had a smile that was stealing all the sunlight. On that day, both eye brows were up , his grin crawled from ear to ear and his head tilted to the sky.

“Well, well look who the possum drug in” I said.

“What do you mean possum ? ” my brother asked

“Well possums hide stuff in their pockets. ” Quickly, I reached for his shirt pocket.

His hand pounced on my hand to brush it away., I felt a fullness in his pocket.

“What’s in there boy? You gotta tell me!! ” I demanded

” I’ll tell you bout it when its time” he said as he walked away with his hand over his pocket.

When all the children were seated in Daddy’s house, brother Steve brought his daughter with him to front. Everything on his face turned toward the sky. He was so bent in a smile , he could barely talk. So his daughter pulled the treasure out of his pocket. And right there she read from a mustard leaf these words “‘the previously noted focus of tracer uptake in the distal esophagus has resolved . There is normal tracer uptake in the thorax” .

And we all shouted: “Thank you Daddy that “thing ” is gone!!!”. Steve’s free, Steve’s alive. ” “Ain’t nothing taking him but Jesus” we said.

At that moment when all the kids were clapping and praising, I understood that Daddy took that ugly thing away the day brother Steve planted that tiny seed. Still, i wondered if Brother Steve thought what he got that day was bigger than a mustard seed and that’s why he was so sure of himself. I wondered if he had a bigger seed than the one Daddy gave me.

So I asked him, “brother , did you have ‘big’ faith?”

He looked at me like he didn’t know what I was asking.

“kid I just had faith. i wasn’t gonna die. Ain’t that enough.”
“Yep.” for the first time I believed , yes, the seed is “enough”. It’s enough because it is packed with all the power of heaven. It is the kingdom of God.(9)


1 .1 chronicles 11:10, Nehamiah 11:14 2 chronicles 14:8 (“their brothers mighty men valor”) valor is defined as bravery, courage, “pluck” or boldness in the face of opposition

2. 2 Corinthians 6:5

3. 2 Samuel 6:15-17

4. James 5:14-15 Daddy tells us how to receive healing when we are sick

5, Mark 4;30-31

6 .Mat17:20

7. Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) a very old Christian brother describes the variety of mustard seed that Jesus spoke about as “pugent in taste and fiery in effect, extremely beneficial for health. . . . once sown, it is scarcely possible to get the place free of it.” In other words this seed has power and it germinates to remain. Such is our faith.

8. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things (we) hope for, being the proof of things (we) do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses) Amplified Version

9. Mark 4:26 And Jesus said to me on that day, daughter, the kingdom of Daddy is as this man who cast a seed upon the ground and while he traveled , slept and rose, it grew and he knew not how. It is right to marvel in this. It is right to now cast the seed He gives you.

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