Caught In the Trees

Children picking fruit in tree“Lookie sis over there! It ‘s another tree ! A bunch of dirty lookin kids are all in it. They are all just looking at the sky. They aint looking at the mansion.” The boy observed

” dont you pay them no mind brother . Daddy’s  fixin to let them fall out of that tree ! They are gonna die  if they don’t get their heads looking right”. Sis replied

“But sis Whats all those  shriveled up old apples hanging on  the tree”? the boy strained to look closer at the tree.

“They aint all apples brother. its all kinds of bad fruit” the sister explained

“Well lookie at this we got us some good apples sis” the brother reached over to pick a bright shiny  apple from the tree

“Dont pick that brother!!!” the sister screamed  pulling the boy’s hand back

“But sis its so beautiful Daddy must have put it here!! ” The boy begged.

“No !! Boy,,  look in front of the mansion see that tree !?.  That is the tree we go through before we go into the mansion.”  In front  of the mansion stood a large trunked tree with an opening at the trunk. On the tree were fruits of all kinds.  The girl stared at the tree in awe and released her brothers hand.

With his hand released and his sister distracted, the boy picked the shiny  apple from the tree. He  twirled it in his hand  and then tried to ibite nto it.

His teeth clamped  against the hardness of the apple. “Ugh sister its plastic!!”

“Boy drop that apple. Come on we are getting out of this tree before we die here”

Last Tuesday, in Romans we saw an aerial view of the  fallen world and the state of mankind as it looks from Daddy’s throne.  Looking down from the glory of God, we saw how mankind had become a polluted reflection of God’s intended  creature.

We saw two types of children left on earth.  Children of wrath, or unrighteousness, and children of hypocrisy ,or self righteousness.  Both bearing fruit after their own kind.

We had left the Tuesday the week before seeing only the “children of wrath”.In order to display Himself to these children Daddy shows Himself in His creation.  Yet, in looking at created things, the children do not look to the Creator Daddy , Instead they look for their satisfaction in the created things.  themselves. Instead of seeing created things. like stars and animals and food and sex and affections as reflections of Gods order and beauty, they worship them as gods.

They take what Daddy gives them and exchange it for a lie. A lie that says “there is no GOD , these things are your gods”.  So  Daddy , from heaven calls down, in His Holy wrath,  to these children saying “you are without excuse”.

Soon, Daddy gives them over to their own thinking .  Subsequently , they begin to bear fruit . And the fruit  produced from their worship of these gods is rotten. It is murders, envy, strife, deceit, maliciousness,  gossiping, slandering, hatred toward Daddy , insolece, haughtiness, boastfulness, intentions of evil, disobedience to parents, foolishness, faithlessness, heartlessness and ruthlessnes. (Romans1:26-32) Paul calls these the” works of the flesh”. We   call it “bad fruit”.

These are the children we  all were before we were adopted by Daddy.  Ephesians preaches to us that We were all children of wrath.

This child  recognizes them well for I was one of them, And  now I find  that I point my finger in newspapers ,at TV screens,  at Facebook, at folks in grocery stores and work, in jails, at  folks in my family and folks next door and folks in another church  and say “bad fruit”. There is a judgement I have as child of God .And there is a judgement we are allowed as children of God.

Pastor tells us that we can “judge” fruit but not “pass judgement” on a brother.  He says that we are to speak to the”in love “to show them Daddy as  the giver of good fruit . We are to “lead our brothers and sisters in love to repentance and restoration”, But there is yet another child we are to judge.  And this is the child of self righteousness.

This child is mostly in the church. And “this child” is a child that sits within MY  very being.   This child  in me is  not much unlike a sister of wrath.. It too bears “bad fruit”.

It is me in  my tattling loveless prayer : “Oh Daddy, he just continues to play you the fool in all he does. Straighten him out Daddy”. It is me when I count my times of prayer or obedience or scripture reading as a righteousness of my own. It is me when I do a “good thing” for the glory of another besides my King. It is me when I trust my efforts and not His finished work.

It is always me, a child of self rightousness and hypocrisy when the glory lands on “me”.  When the glory lands on me “the created thing” and not on the Creator Daddy.

And, Daddy who loves all His children   comes to me  and says the same to me as He says to the children of wrath.  “You have no excuse O child every one of you, even you Vanessa, who judges.  For in passing judgement on another you condemn yourself because you the judge practice the very same thing.”

The very same thing. . . .” what Daddy.? .i say indignantly.

“. did I not prophesy in your name and cast out demons in your name and do many mightyworks in your name?” matt 7::22

“you have exchanged the glory of God for . . .”unrighteousness  and self righteousness.

“I never knew you , depart from me , you worker of lawlessness” matt 7:23

“Either unrighteousness or self righteousness have kept you from the glory of God”. He declares from page to page in His word to me.  Woe for I have exchanged His glory for my own!

“both your unrighteousness and your self righteousness  rob the gospel of its power.  And you will not see the power of God , the kingdom of God, here on earth, where there is no gospel.  Where there is no gospel there is no power!!” Pastor Chris preached on Tuesday …

Sunday continued the theme as the Holy Spirit came, The words echoed again to the children of self righteousness, “Only God can produce godliness . . your production is just a  form of godliness that denies HIS  power” Pastor proclaimed referring to 2 Timothy 4.

The church in America will always appear cosmetic rather than alive and supernatural as it operates both corporately and individually with a form of godliness, a “self righteousness”. . Its efforts look plastic and tasteless not only to the world but to God. There is no glory or power to draw men. Indeed ,  It is a tasteless hard fruit apart from the gospel of Jesus .

It is God who says to these children, the children of wrath and the children of self righteousness,  “stand on level ground before the King of Glory.”

Descending from our Unrighteousness and our Self Righteousness we are equals.  We stand naked  before Him, and we hear plainly “there no one righteous no not one” . Trembling in this glorious holiness of God, His righteous wrath, we are ready for our Savior.

“But Sister we can see the mansion from here? Lets stay in this good looking tree!!  It is so comfortable!” the boy coaxed his sister

“Boy, Im telling you we are going to die if we dont get down from here and go through  the Tree of Life into that Mansion!!. And you, boy,  are going with me if I gotta carry you. Come on!!” The girl pulled the boy as she descended from the tree.

To be continued as we enter Romans chapter 3.

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By vunglaub

Living life as Child of God , walking with Jesus to see His kingdom come by the Power of the Holy Spirit. And writing of His Majesty and Glory in ALL THINGS that HE may be MAGNIFID ABOVE ALL THINGS!

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