Sigh Lense

I am coming to Silence……as quick as I can, past people with pastime, gadgets with gestures, and castles with chores. I am coming, like the woman with an issue, I press to silence, past all these . Past the crowds of chattering clattering cluttering corners of chaos . I am coming to board the boat and sail to a place where there is no noise. I am coming to silence. And when I get there , I will hear. .. I know I will hear

I am landing in Silence…….. as gently as I can, over rocks of my rebellion, through tossings of the tempter, and against wild winds of the world . I am stepping out now like Peter with my eyes on you. Unto the island shore of silence , steppping , seeping , through sand onto the rock isle of silence. And Now , I am here to hear.

I am hearing from Silence…….. as softly as I can, swatting carnality away , and gluttony and gossip away to their gulag. Drowned in silence , I hear the still small sacred sound soflly like surf and subtle waves on the shore of my soul . Your voice smaller softer than the wind. Yet wildly waking me.. And now Awake oh ear to hear.

I am hearing to see in Silence……… as miraculous as it can be. Seeing from shores you walk across the sea. Bidding, “come follow me“ I see you far and hear you near. Oh precious silence invites me to see whom I can Hear .

I am in silence …….with I AM in Silence . Here to see what I cannot see . Now silent Here with the He who sees me. ..resting on His shore words needed no more.

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By vunglaub

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