Have you ever broken a bone?

Yep, Broken ribs given to patient after CPR . And here is the Conversation of a jaded nurse whose patient complains of broken rib pain.

Im sorry sir , i know it hurts

It’s really not broken , its only a fracture

But , your heart needed a jolt

Or you would be in rapture

All will be healed in a little longer

As what doesn’t kill will grow back stronger.

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By vunglaub

Living life as Child of God , walking with Jesus to see His kingdom come by the Power of the Holy Spirit. And writing of His Majesty and Glory in ALL THINGS that HE may be MAGNIFID ABOVE ALL THINGS! vunglaub@wordpress.com

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  1. A friend of mine spent several weeks groaning with a cracked rib after I saved him from choking with the Heimlich maneuver. I agree with the jaded nurse. Some things are more permanent than a cracked rib.

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