Day 5 Taste A COVID morning prayer

A meditation on day 5 as a COVID nurse in quarantine

The toothpaste could be mortar

The coffee grounds could be dirt

the porridge in my bowel could be crumbled fall leaves

The water could be vodka

I would never know .

But that you told me to taste and see it is good

and I trust you.

you told me it was life

and I trust you.

It is like Eucharist , this food I eat.

Because I eat it with thanksgiving trusting it is made good .

And in thanksgiving ,I become , in good taste for you.

Considering, you might have made mortar my toothpaste

Dirt my coffee

fall leaves my porridge

vodka my water

And life would not be as easy to taste and see that you are good , I give thanks.

So that ….Even though I cannot taste , I trust



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By vunglaub

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