The Arsononist

Dear Sirs , I write to say, I no longer need your appraisal today. See, There is an arsonist who inspects my house. He gave an estimate of me since I first lost my spouse. He looked at foundation and function ,shingles and shutters He looked at  wood and brick , fireplace and gutters many… Continue reading The Arsononist

My Everlasting New

I told them “time is always new when it finds its rest in you.” I told them of days so pure yet wild , with your love so true. How it is  lit with flashes of your Face Of never setting Rays .. Dew drips Mercy on mornings  “Amen ” from you  oh Ancient of… Continue reading My Everlasting New


Could heaven on earth be right now  held at  bay As the devil sends  dirt into  these empty jars of clay? As keys and fingers agree “i’ll pray, Prayin, #Pray But souls of our flesh cannot bend knee to obey ! Are there not angels and saints reviewing this score? Can’t  someone see clear through… Continue reading #praying

New Eve

I will not grope and grab But Reverently RECEIVE I will not quest or question But Brave and Bold BELIEVE I will not sit with noonday devils But Run and Rescue and RETRIEVE I will not be abandoned and barren But Faith Filled Fruit I will CONCEIVE I will not hold the name of harlot… Continue reading New Eve

Wings of Discernment

Oh Ravens of Satan who come to steal bread ! You have taken  Host from my soul and my head! You have made me believe it was a mirage or myth You’ve made me doubt that Jesus promised  “if” I look to the right . I look to the left. He calls me ,He draws… Continue reading Wings of Discernment