New Eve

I will not grope and grab But Reverently RECEIVE I will not quest or question But Brave and Bold BELIEVE I will not sit with noonday devils But Run and Rescue and RETRIEVE I will not be abandoned and barren But Faith Filled Fruit I will CONCEIVE I will not hold the name of harlot… Continue reading New Eve

Wings of Discernment

Oh Ravens of Satan who come to steal bread ! You have taken  Host from my soul and my head! You have made me believe it was a mirage or myth You’ve made me doubt that Jesus promised  “if” I look to the right . I look to the left. He calls me ,He draws… Continue reading Wings of Discernment

Spring Picking

How small His Holy Hand that bends our stems from this sin rooted land . Heavens Hand high pulled low picks Hollyhocks like us below . sets us stem to stem petal to petal pressing in Petal to petal press and point away from the wild Handicapped and handpicked like Hollyhocks gathered we haggard harlots… Continue reading Spring Picking

between the Altar and the Door

Oh God can’t you see from the Altar to the Door See how Blood spatters and speckles the church’s Dusty  Floor! See the men in taverns tell tots tales of a Holy War. See mamas move  prostrate sneaking prayer in a corridor. Look , crowds on the  streets scream “we cannot take it anymore!” While your reporters write of a cry that they long to ignore: Many are the words of  martyrs… Continue reading between the Altar and the Door

Thinking on these things …

WHEN I THINK ON THESE THINGS. . . . . . A poem for Jesus from the children of God . . . .   When I think on these things , I see you are most TRUE! When Song and Dance Enter THE BRIDE, each Sunday, ANEW And Praising Hands Lift HER many Troubles to Troubles that flew And YOUR BRIDE arises… Continue reading Thinking on these things …

A Fellowship Dinner Prayer (Communion)

“and the first day of unleavened bread, when they killed the passover, his disciples said unto him, Where wilt thou that we go and prepare that thou mayest eat the passover with us?” Mark 14:12 KJV Might I have dinner with You? Might I have dinner with You, My King That you might Now set… Continue reading A Fellowship Dinner Prayer (Communion)